Our Partners

Our Partners

He is the Managing Partner of Glory Law Firm. Frank Nartey holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Degree and the Professional Practising Licence (BL) from the Ghana School of Law. Since his call to the Bar, Nartey has been engaged in very serious private practice with special focus on Property and Land law.

Nartey has successfully prosecuted and defended several cases involving thousands of acres/hectares of land and landed properties for corporate bodies, families and individuals.

Over his numerous years of practice, Frank Nartey has handled various legal matters for clients such as Toumi Intertrade (a Thai company), E+Co (a US Company), Atlas Trading & Shipping (a multinational company based in Singapore and South Africa), SG-SSB Bank, Merchant Bank, Ecobank, Steel Works Limited,Tema and many more.

Nartey has also been involved in agreements involving:

  • The Government of Ghana and Barclays Bank of Ghana Limited and Barclays Bank Plc, Mauritius Branch;
  • Tema Oil Refinery and Barclays Bank, Cal Bank, Ghana International Bank and Trust Bank;
  • Cocoa Processing Company Limited and Trust Bank Limited and Barclays Bank of Ghana Limited;
  • Persistent Energy Partners (a multinational clean energy Investment Company based in the US) and several businesses in Ghana;
  • AfriCap (a continental venture capital funding company based in Senegal) and several businesses in Ghana.

Frank Nartey is a member of the Ghana Bar Association, International Bar Association and the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors.

Joyce Rita Dromor Sowah is a Solicitor and Barrister-at-Law who holds the Professional Practicing License (BL) from the Ghana School of Law and a Post Graduate Degree in Legislative Drafting. She has over twenty-seven years rich experience in the assessment, collection, interpretation and enforcement of various tax laws in Ghana. With her extensive in-depth knowledge in tax audit and investigations as well as in Transfer Pricing issues, she was made a member of the Committee that drafted the Transfer Pricing Regulations in Ghana. She has been actively involved in International Tax matters for the past twelve years.

Joyce is one of the few persons who prepare legal opinions on all tax matters for the Commissioner-General’s ruling. She as well assists in the negotiation of Double Taxation Agreements between the Government of Ghana and other countries and facilitates the signing and ratification of such Agreements.

Having worked for over fifteen (15) years as an Inspector of Taxes and overseen the assessment of taxes for individuals and various corporate entities, Joyce is well experienced in the conduct of thorough desk examination of annual tax Returns for the purpose of verifying doubtful information submitted by taxpayers to the Ghana Revenue Authority.

Joyce is a member of the Ghana Bar Association.

Eugene Oko Ayitey graduated from the Wisconsin University, Accra, Ghana with an LL.B Degree and thereafter obtained his BL Certificate from the Ghana School of Law. Eugene also holds Post Graduate Degree in Marketing and until joining Glory Law Firm had led many Route-Market Executions within the Sales & Marketing industry in Ghana.
As a lawyer, Eugene is astounding in his knowledge and appreciationon of critical legal issues and has demonstrated an impressive sound knowledge in both substantive law and the various Dispute Resolution Mechanisms. He remains a passionate driver with utmost commitment to the designing of bespoke solutions to clients’ needs.
Eugene O. Ayitey is a member of the Ghana Bar Association.

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